The evolution of Pilates

PilatesEVO takes Pilates to a higher level. It can be used as a stand-alone system or the many different subject areas can be used when teaching any exercise class and in everyday life too.

“Life is always moving forward, always changing, always evolving. When we awaken to the fact we cannot stop or control change; that we should embrace it, then we are able to move forward as well. From this philosophy I created PilatesEVO©.  Never forget your past as it built the foundation that your present so depends. But the past is not an excuse to stay still and not plan for a different future.

Just as Pilates works the body from the inside out, the proactive approach to life is to change from the inside out: to be different, and by being different to effect positive change in yourself and the world.”

Chris Hunt, creator of PilatesEVO©.

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The History of PilatesEVO

“The past has built the foundation for our present, but it is no excuse to stand still”. Read more in this article by Chris Hunt, the creator of PilatesEVO


A Hello From Chris Hunt

The creator of the PilatesEVO system explains why he created this system

Chris Hunt PilatesEVO

Hi, I’m Chris. So why did I create PilatesEVO?

The simple answer is that if you are not happy with who you are today, the great news is that your present is a result of your past; your future can be anything you choose starting right here and now. It is that simple.

I wanted a deeper meaning, not only to “exist”. I dedicated my life to studying; from Buddhist monks in the Temples of Bangkok, from countless books, and mostly by talking and learning from people. I travelled the world and everywhere I went I learnt something new.

Teachers love their work because we help people. I reframe this slightly by saying that I give people the tools and knowledge to help themselves and in turn help others. It is about empowering people, not telling them what to do. This ethos forms the basis for PilatesEVO.

Every PilatesEVO teacher brings their own personality to the system so it is forever evolving. I have total respect and trust in all teachers, and I work with them to bring their ideas and personalities to life within the system. This is true evolution that no other system allows.

Mind and body are one and the same thing. We must nourish both to reach our potential. It’s not enough to focus on physical or psychological, to nourish the body if our thoughts are negative. We must throw off negative programming that no longer serves us, and replace it with positive, beneficial values.

Please get in touch by clicking on the icons below. We create our own Universe, so let’s make it an amazing place to live.

PilatesEVO Educations

Learn about the different levels of PilatesEVO qualifications

3 Levels of Qualifications

You can find out more about how you can become a PilatesEVO teacher, and the different levels our teachers learn on their PilatesEVO journey.
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PilatesEVO Online

We understand it's not possible for everyone to attend our educations, so why not study online?

Study Your Own Way

If you want to study in your time, at your own speed in the comfort of your own home or studio, then PilatesEVO Online training is perfect for you.
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PilatesEVO Shop

Order or download PilatesEVO merchandise to help with your practise

We have all your PilatesEVO products

The PilatesEVO Online Shop offers a range of quality items to help you with your PilatesEVO practise.
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Feel The Difference

So what makes PilatesEVO unique?

What makes PilatesEVO different and unique to other Pilates and
exercise systems? This article explains what you can expect from
your first PilatesEVO session.


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Welcome to a breath of fresh air; welcome to the world of PilatesEVO©
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PilatesEVO© is more than an exercise system, it is a way of life
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Total Health means considering all aspects of our life
PilatesEVO Quotes
The past is dead, the future is imagined. All we have is The Now
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