PilatesEVO Total Wellness

Welcome to PilatesEVO Home Page, and total wellness. Learn new skills that will enable you to get better results from Pilates with our online courses.

PilatesEVO© is inspired by the revolutionary work of Joseph Pilates. We emphasise elements of total wellness that are necessary if we are to be truly healthy. Online and from our School in Barcelona, for over 16 years we have been giving teachers and everyone who loves Pilates additional skills and techniques that help them to get more from their sessions, get better results, and ultimately to get more from their life.

Just as Pilates works the body from the inside out, our proactive approach to life is to change from the inside out: to be different, and by being different to effect positive change in yourself and the world. This is PilatesEVO. Welcome.

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PilatesEVO Explained

What exactly is PilatesEVO and how can it help me?

What? PilatesEVO is a collection of additional skills that can enhance Pilates, whether you are a teacher, or someone who loves doing Pilates on your own or at your local gym.

Why? Because we all want the maximum results and get more fulfillment from our Pilates practice. These can be achieved if we take the time to understand ourselves, and to enhance our knowledge.

Where? The PilatesEVO Studio and School is in Barcelona, Spain. We also hold educations all over the world, and all our educations are available online as well.

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What do we mean by PilatesEVO Total Wellness?

Total Wellness is making sure that all aspects of our lives are healthy. If you are not achieving your full potential, the great news is that your present is a result of your past; your future can be anything you choose starting right now. It really is that simple. But you need a holistic approach if you are to truly achieve your potential. PilatesEVO will give you the tools and knowledge to empowering yourself and other people.

Mind and body are one and the same thing. We must nourish both to reach our potential. It’s not enough to focus on physical or psychological, to nourish the physical body if our thoughts are negative. We must learn to throw away any negative programming that is longer helping us, and replace it with positive, beneficial values.

We create our own Universe, so let’s make it an amazing place to live.

PilatesEVO Studio

One Marina Port Vell, Barcelona

Join us in the state-of-the-art purpose built centre in One Marina Port Vell, Barcelona. This exclusive location surrounded by water and Super Yachts is inspiring, exclusive and very private.

We have a fully equipped gym that includes suspension training, and a separate Pilates Studio with Cadillac, Reformer, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel, Step Barrel, and small equipment. We hold PilatesEVO training educations, and also personal training and group sessions in both PilatesEVO and traditional Pilates practices.

The facilities include changing rooms with showers and a terrace. You can train in the heart of Barcelona in surroundings that are sure to inspire you.

PilatesEVO Barcelona Studio

PilatesEVO Educations

Learn about the different PilatesEVO subjects you can study from home

Our study modules

Find out more about the training we offer if you are a Pilates Teacher, if you want to become a teacher, or if you just love doing Pilates!

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PilatesEVO Online

We understand it's not possible for everyone to attend our educations, so why not study online?

Study Your Own Way

You can study in your time, at your own speed, and in the comfort of your own home or studio. PilatesEVO Online training is the solution.
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Pilates Carnival Conventions

Find out more about our worldwide conventions where all profits go to charity

This is a truly unique event

Pilates Carnival is a unique convention that is affordable, friendly, and where all profits go to charity.
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My Pilates Mentor

A Pilates book for everyone who loves Pilates

My Pilates Mentor is a Pilates book like no other Pilates book. It will feature the views and opinions of thousands of Pilates teachers from all over the world, all bought together to give you the most concise source of information from your own worldwide group of Pilates Mentors.
You can learn in minutes things that took Pilates teachers to learn in many years of teaching. And after you have read the book, you can join in the debate online.
Whether you are a teacher or someone who loves doing Pilates, My Pilates Mentor will change how you perceive and practice Pilates.


Pilates Carnival

A new concept in Pilates Conventions; affordable, non-pretentious, friendly, and ALL profits go to charity. Interested? Then please read more.