What Makes PilatesEVO different?


There are a lot of systems out there that make wild and far-reaching claims that are often more hype than substance. So why is PilatesEVO different and what can you expect from your PilatesEVO session?

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PilatesEVO Mastertrainer Program


The PilatesEVO Mastertrainer Program is where things get even more exciting. Once you have finished the program, you: Have the ability to organise your own PilatesEVO educations, Can travel to teach at conventions, Get a

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PilatesEVO Advanced Education


Most of our students chose to continue their PilatesEVO training by taking the Advanced Education. This is a two-day course designed to take the students deeper into the practise, and also crucially it is during

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PilatesEVO Foundation Education


The PilatesEVO journey begins for our teachers with the PilatesEVO Foundation Education. This education is usually two days, but it can be extended to four days for specialist training. To be considered for the Foundation

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PilatesEVO Introduction


Since its birth, the Pilates method has been modified and arguably made more effective by some distinguished presenters, but diluted and the basic principles largely ignored by less scrupulous teachers. Also, there are so many

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