There are a lot of systems out there that make wild and far-reaching claims that are often more hype than substance. So why is PilatesEVO different and what can you expect from your PilatesEVO session? Here is a quick guide to give you a basic over-view. You will find much more detail in our other blog articles.

There are seven phases to every PilatesEVO session. We always work using three different numbers; the number three, seven and 21. The reason we use these numbers is because they are all considered sacred and they represent many different things. To read more then our article Sacred Numbers in PilatesEVO explains everything.


We start with standing meditation. The purpose is to compose our thoughts and focus internally on the sessions ahead. After this we focus on the ABC of PilatesEVO; alignment, breathing and core centring. This is a vital part of any Pilates practise.

Next we move into the mobilisation combination. All PilatesEVO movements are performed within combinations or what we call “rites”. These are flowing groups of seven exercises all performed three times. We warm up the body and start to work on our flexibility.

The next phase is the main program. This usually consists of two or three combinations, each designed to work you holistically but with a focus. The majority of exercises are performed at different levels so they are appropriate for beginners to advanced PilatesEVO students. Throughout we maintain our internal connection and focus. PilatesEVO can simply be a physical exercise system that can challenge all levels, but it is so much more than that if we use our mind and our intention as well.

So after the main combinations you will then experience a meridian stretch sequence. This sequence is unique to PilatesEVO. This is designed to not only challenge the body but to also stimulate the meridian lines.

The next phase is mindfulness meditation. Whilst this forms a part of the whole session, now we lay down and experience a guided meditation.

To finish each PilatesEVO session, we get the body moving again with the last phase of stretches and movement.

So you have seven different phases to each workout, and when you are finished, you can be sure that your body and your mind have both been challenged.

To truly understand and feel exactly what makes PilatesEVO different, you should experience a session for yourself.

There are lots more articles on PilatesEVO so you can continue to read and learn. If you have any questions then contact the PilatesEVO team.