Pilates Carnival was an idea Chris Hunt had several years ago; to hold Pilates events with a difference. Instead of the typical convention with the traditional line-up of presenters and a cost which was outside of the reach of the majority of teachers, he wanted to be a disruptor. So, Pilates Carnival was born. Why is Pilates Carnival different to other conventions?

  • First and foremost, all profits (yes that is 100%) go to a children’s charity in the location of the event.
  • All those delivering the sessions are asked to present for free if possible.
  • The cost to participants is a nominal figure, typically about €100 for the whole weekend. This makes it much more affordable for every teacher.
  • Pilates Carnival works with sponsors who make donations and/or contribute items to use or to sell, which helps to increase profits.

When Chris first suggested this event, some senior Pilates people told him that it would never work, and that it was demeaning to Pilates presenters and (perhaps most tellingly) it would undermine their potential to make money. He listened intently to all the negative arguments, smiled sweetly, dismissed them all, and went ahead and did it anyway.

It was a massive success. Gone was the often air of snobbery or superiority at events, and in its place was a real sense of community and togetherness. Everyone wanted to share and learn together. There were “famous” presenters, but there was also the opportunity for other teachers to present, even if they had never presented in such a setting before.

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All profits go to charity

Can this really be true?

Yes, it is true!!!

Chris works closely with the Pilates Carnival charity partner in the venue city or country, and after the event all the profits are presented to the charity. We have all made so many friends through Pilates Carnival from Moscow to Krakow, and Hamburg to Barcelona. It takes Chris hundreds of hours and a lot of his own money to organise an event. If you want to get involved, you can help organise an event, suggest a venue for an event, and of course you can also apply to present. Just click the button below!

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