Iwas having a discussion with a PilatesEVO teacher at the PilatesEVO School here in Barcelona. We got to talking about how Pilates helps heart attack victims.

Whilst this sounds like a grandious claim, it is supported by studies and really it is at the end of the day common sense. Let me explain more….

I encourage open debates about many health relaetd topics. Many of us have different opinions and ideas about many different subjects and I for one know that I can learn something new from everyone I talk to. I think that to be closed or one dimensional as some people can be means that they miss out on a wealth of knoweldge that could improve them as a teacher and as a person.

So back to the sunny evening chat at the PilatesEVO School. It had a been a typical day; hard physical and mental work that gives that warm sense of achievement. One of my teachers from the US asked me about a client she has back home who recently stopped doing Pilates following a heart attack. I asked why? This reminded me of a study I read last year from Israel.

A rehabilitation institute carried out a study that concluded that Pilates had a noticably beneficial effect on their patients who had suffered some form of heart attack. The rehabilitation institute at Kaplan Medical Center in Rehovot reported that their patients benefitted from Pilates in a number of ways.

The Kaplan team headed by physiologist Dr. Ayelet GIladi, explained that after a heart attack, many patients feel lack of confidence and are afraid to exercise as they did before the event.They also reported that physical benefits of a Pilates program, concluding that Pilates helps heart attack victims.

This physical and mental effect of Pilates supports my long-held contention that to think about any illness or condition as purely physical is wrong. In fact to think about Pilates as being a purely physical system is wrong too If we treat the body holistically we will gain much improved benefits. One of the main reasons I introduced mindfulness meditation into PilatesEVO was because I saw many teachers concentrating solely on the physical elements. Extremes like Pilates and boxing, Pilates and dance and even in mainstream Pilates classes.

I am not here to judge anyone else’s ideas or beliefs. But I for one believe totally that we must consider the mind and body as one. This is not revolutionary at all and supports many of Joseph Pilates beliefs.

So does Pilates helps heart attack victims? Yes, why not. Because it will strengthen the body physically and subtley. And also crutially it will also build confidence in the same way that it helps people suffering from a multitude of other conditions.

If you want to talk to me about Pilates, PilatesEVO or any wellness issue then I am always open to speak. You can contact me by emailing chris@pilatesevo.com or by clicking on the PilatesEVO CONTACT PAGE. I hope to hear from you soon.

Chris Hunt PilatesEVO