Here at PilatesEVO we do not always like to be so serious about Pilates so Pilates wins the Oscars? Well, after all, life is about many things and it is possible to be professional and balanced and still be in touch with popular culture.

So let’s talk about the Oscars. Apart from the horrible mix-up on stage when announcing Best Picture, we are very happy that Pilates featured so highly.

Emma Stone won Best Actress. Emma is a long-time advocate of Pilates and she includes Pilates in  her regular work-outs. Ryan Gosling, her co-star, also used Pilates to prepare for the dance scenes in La La Land and we think it showed!

Choreographer Mandy Moore said that she put the stars through a rigorous fitness regime that included Pilates and stretching.  “I knew they had to get to a place physically where they could do these nice long takes, time after time, and not only get one take and they would be so tired that they couldn’t dance,” she says.

Pilates has of course long been linked with dance, but Pilates is so much more than a system to help dancers.

On the subject of diet, Emma said “I would be crazy to sit here and tell you that I have never thought about it. But, I never can beat myself up about it. I definitely am not restrictive. You are a human being, you live once and life is wonderful, so eat the damn red velvet cupcake.”

We like her attitude towards life, and we also like her varied exercise routine that includes Pilates, running, gym work and rock climbing. PilatesEVO teaches that life is about balance. Whilst we include mental balance as well as physical balance, it is great to see that Emma varies her training.

As for the cup-cakes, again as long as the diet is well balanced then why not have the odd cup-cake!

So again Pilates wins the Oscars!

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