Most of our students chose to continue their PilatesEVO training by taking the Advanced Education. This is a two-day course designed to take the students deeper into the practise, and also crucially it is during this education that students are taught how to create their own combinations that could in the future be used within the system all over the world. Often you can do the Advanced Education course in conjunction with the Foundation Education in a four-day package.

Please remember that it is only possible to take the PilatesEVO Advanced Education after the student has already successfully completed the PilatesEVO Foundation Education because to ensure that the correct amount of knowledge.


The PilatesEVO Advanced Education includes two masterclasses, theory and practical studies. New exercises and exercise combinations are taught with a focus on anatomy and execution. Each candidate receives a PilatesEVO Advanced Study Book with the following chapters:

Chapter One: An Introduction to the PilatesEVO Advanced education
The course begins with introductions and intentions. Clear goals are set so ensure focus and understanding. Following this there is a PilatesEVO Masterclass.

Chapter Two: Advanced NLP
Go deeper into NLP to learn more techniques to improve teaching and understanding of both self and others, and how this can be applied to PilatesEVO and Pilates in general to get better results for clients and attract more clients. There are practical exercises so every student can fully understand how to include NLP in their teaching.

Chapter Three: Advanced Goal Setting and Life Plans
This deals with how to create exercise plans for clients to ensure they achieve and exceed their goals. As with other subjects in the PilatesEVO training programs, students apply the methods to themselves first to gain a full understanding of how they can then apply what they have learnt to their clients.

Chapter Four: Create Your Own Universe
In this chapter the student is given the information they need to be able to create their own exercise combination. This must include seven attributes, and be supported by in-depth anatomical descriptions. In pairs or small teams, students create and practise their movements.

To pass this education, each candidate must within three months create their own exercise combination, supported by the required theory notes. This must be sent to PilatesEVO Head Office with a supporting video of the candidate teaching their combination.

Following successful completion of the course, the candidate will receive a PilatesEVO certificate and a licence for 12 months to teach PilatesEVO. They also receive direct support from their PilatesEVO Mastertrainer and from the team at PilatesEVO. The Advanced Education also includes a free PilatesEVO music soundtrack that is exclusively mixed and produced for us. You will also receive personalised PilatesEVO marketing material and support.

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