What exactly do we mean by PilatesEVO ancient and modern? Let us explain. There are thousands of years of knowledge and traditions that form many of the exercises and beliefs we use today. There are also many modern techniques some of which disprove older ideas; some of which supplement older ideas. PilatesEVO uses both ancient and modern. We have created a blend of ancient traditions and modern techniques to form a unique system of exercise and mind and body discipline.

Despite what some people will try to convince you, there are very few “new” exercises because most have been around for thousands of years in different forms. Sure, there  are new logos and t-shirts and slogans, but the content we have all seen before. What can be new and what PilatesEVO achieves, is the way that knoweldge both old and new is applied and blended with other disciplines to create a holistic system.

With this philosophy in mind, and staying true to the basic Pilates principles that we believe Joseph Pilates had in mind, we add ancient meditation and kundalini techniques as well as meridians from Eastern beliefs. We also use spiritual numbers drawn from ancient teachings. We blend this with modern NLP techniques and functional training to create PilatesEVO.

We never forget our past, because it is upon that our present was built. But the past is no reason not move forwards. We are who we are today because of the things we have done. But we can become anything we choose tomorrow.

If you want to find out more about PilatesEVO then please contact us and read the many article on our website www.pilatesevo.com.

PilatesEVO. Exercise that really means something.