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Below are some frequently asked questions about PilatesEVO

There really is no such thing as “normal” Pilates because the system is different from school to school, teacher to teacher and even country to country. But usually there are some common principles in keeping with the intentions of Joseph Pilates. PilatesEVO respects those principles and tries to go further to create a deeper practice that aims to increase the potential for results.
A very common question! The answer is very simply a resounding NO!!! PilatesEVO is for both men and women. Joseph Pilates was a man, and he worked extensively with men. For sure more women do Pilates today then men as there is a perception that Pilates is for women, but we at PilatesEVO are working hard to change this.
There is no doubt that Pilates and PilatesEVO is great for dancers, but it is also great for a host of other people and activities. Some people feel that dance has too big an influence on Pilates today with some systems and teachers focused too much on dance. What we say is that PilatesEVO is a great system for everyone, and everyone can do it.

For sure, we have our school and headquarters in Barcelona, Spain. Whilst some people chose to be taught in person, the vast majority of our customers prefer our online classes.

Absolutely not. PilatesEVO is aimed at the widest possible range of people; from those rehabilitating from injury or illness to elite athletes preparing for competition. You can be male or female, young or old, fit or unfit, it really does not matter. A good Pilates teacher will be an expert in anatomy and will teach on many different levels so everyone can enjoy a good workout.

Because we place some emphasis on mind and body including meditation, it may seem to some that PilatesEVO is religious. In fact it is not. For sure it is spiritual and focuses on the mind and body connection, but it is not at all religious. Everyone can enjoy the lessons that we teach and everyone can enrich their life.

Yes you can, and the vast majority of our customers do! We offer a full online training program. Alternatively you can join one the worldwide PilatesEVO educations, or you can study at our school in Barcelona.

We have PilatesEVO qualified teachers all over the world. Just contact us and we can tell you the closest one to you.
Some people associate anything that is mind and body as being like yoga. PilatesEVO is not yoga. Sure, we have some influences from yoga, especially kundalini, but then yoga itself was a massive influence on Joseph Pilates, and he used that influence in many of the movements he taught, and in his philosophy of mind and body.

PilatesEVO is what we call an evolution of Pilates, so the EVO part stands for evolution. We believe that our courses help people to gain a deeper understanding of their Pilates practice, and of themselves.

We love to keep in touch with all our teachers, students and everyone interested in PilatesEVO. You will find sign-up boxes on most pages so just pop in your email address and we will add you to our list, or contact us here. We promise to never share your details with anyone else.
If you are health club, gym or fitness studio, then yes you can. Please contact us here and we can talk about how we might be able to work together to educate your staff, trainers or members.

You have three choices: attend one of our educations, do our online courses, or visit our school in Barcelona.

Our main language is English, but we do have some courses available in Russian, Spanish and Portuguese. We are adding new languages all the time.

Yes, this can be possible. Please contact us and we can talk about the possibilites of working with you.

There are so many different Pilates schools and systems already, so we do not train people to become Pilates teachers. Our educations add to the knowledge already gained.

Our retreats for teachers and non-teachers are a long weekend or a week either based in an exclusive hotel in Barcelona or a private villa with pool and includes Pilates, workshops and lectures on subjects including health, wellness, exercise and nutrition, walks, meditations and other activities including massage. There is free time too, and all food is provided, as are transfers.

The PilatesEVO online course typically takes three months to complete. Extensions are possible depending on circumstances. Our team will work with you to make sure you are happy with the studying.

Yes, this is possible, but we are very strict as to who we work with. Please contact us and we will send you more information about how we can collaborate.

Our online course includes the same study materials you get on our educations around the world. Online you get one-to-one support from a PilatesEVO Mastertrainer, videos, live skype/FaceTime sessions, and your final exam is usually live online with Chris Hunt, the creator of PilatesEVO. It usually takes about three months or part-time study to complete the course.

No you do not. We do not train people to become Pilates teachers, that should be done over many weeks and months in face-to-face classes. Our online educations are specifically designed to help anyone who either teaches or loves Pilates to get more from Pilates.

Yes it is! As hard as it is to believe in this world where many people seem to be interested in making money, and where conventions can be expensive and feature the same teachers, we organise very affordable conventions for every teacher, and all the profits go to a local children’s charity. We call it Pilates Carnival.

Absolutely you can. If you are a teacher or a student of Pilates, everything you learn you can use and apply to any other Pilates session, as well as to your life in general.

Yes, all successful students are given a PilatesEVO Certificate when they complete an education or one of the PilatesEVO Modules.

In normal circumstances we run PilatesEVO educations around the world. At the moment of course these have all been postponed, and our school in Barcelona is closed. But please remember that you can study online with us anytime.

Yes for sure. There is no better place to learn PilatesEVO than in the amazing city of Barcelona where you will be taught on the beach, in the park as well as in school. This is a great opportunity to become a PilatesEVO teacher and also enjoy an amazing holiday at the same time. We can organise everything for you including accommodation and food. All you need to do is book your own flights. Contact us for more information.

PilatesEVO Modules are stand-alone educations that usually take two days to teach in a classroom, or 16 hours online. They teach specific specialist techniques. They can be used by any Pilates teachers to enhance their knowledge. You can find more details by clicking HERE.

During the past 15 years, PilatesEVO has taken place in many countries including the UK, Brazil, Russia, Greece, Germany, Spain, Latvia, Serbia, Poland, Belarus, Australia and soon we are launching in the US with educations in places including Miami, LA, New York and Las Vegas.

My Pilates Mentor is a book created by Pilates teachers for everyone who loves Pilates. You can read more about HERE.

We have staff in our Barcelona studio, and in the UK. We also have PilatesEVO trainers in many countries, and those include PilatesEVO Representatives who are responsible for certain countries and territories. If you want to chat to us or send your CV, then please CONTACT US.