The PilatesEVO educations deal with many issues to give our teachers more knowledge and skills to become better teachers. However, it is not possible during the educations to deal with specific issues that many of your clients will have. So we have created the PilatesEVO Specialist Training Modules. These are designed to deal with some of the most common specialist topics that Pilates teachers will come across everyday.

The PilatesEVO Specialist Training Modules are typically one day educations or you can study online. You do not need any other PilatesEVO Qualification to study the modules and they can all be applied to any school of Pilates teaching.

The current topics are:

  • PilatesEVO Tactility© – Learn how and where to touch clients to maximise their learning experience
  • PilatesEVO Personal Training© – How to teach one-to-one sessions to get the best results for your clients
  • PilatesEVO Sport© – How to apply techniques to professional and amateur sportsmen and woman.
  • PilatesEVO Pregnancy© – How to teach all stages of pregnancy, and pre/post-natal clients.
  • PilatesEVO Rehabilitation© – Specific techniques for clients rehabilitating from illness and injury
  • PilatesEVO Forever Young© – Populations are aging, so this module deals with clients over the age of 60.
  • PilatesEVO Opulent© – Techniques to train clients who are over-weight.

We incorporate into all the modules the principles of PilatesEVO including NLP, and Mindfulness Meditation.

All modules are available online, and they can all be applied to any school or type of Pilates teaching.

To read more about all the PilatesEVO Educations and Modules please click on the links below. To organise your online training or for more information please CONTACT the PilatesEVO Team.

PilatesEVO Foundation Education Information

PilatesEVO Advanced Education Information

PilatesEVO Mastertrainer Program Information

PilatesEVO Specialist Training Modules