PilatesEVO Reviews

For us the team at PilatesEVO, customer satisfaction is just about the most important thing. So it makes us really happy to read and share with you some of the wonderful PilatesEVO reviews that our students give us. We are proud of our service, but in true PilatesEVO style, we will never stop learning and improving.

Susan Chambers, London UK

I studied at a PilatesEVO Education in London and I have also studied online with the PilatesEVO School. I found the service very professional and the information presented in a clear and concise manner. All my correspondense with the PilatesEVO team was prompt and helpful. This was my first experience of training online and I really enjoyed it.

Ari Rodriguez, Barcelona, Spain

At the PilatesEVO School in Barcelona I studied Foundation and Advanced exams. It was very professional. I have been on many trainings in Spain but this was the best of all. I learnt many things that I use everyday in my teaching and my life.

Olga Denisova, Moscow, Russia

I study at the PilatesEVO Foundation Education in Moscow. This was very different system and ideas to anything I had seen before. Usual Pilates training is very similar and not so interesting any more, but PilatesEVO is very different and very interesting for me. I think many people will open their minds to PilatesEVO in Russia and see the deeper way to teach Pilates.

Hannah Scherer, Hamburg, Germany

I was looking for a new direction for my Pilates learning and in PilatesEVO I found that new direction. This is very different at first, but the more you study the more you understand why all the different elements help each other to create a masterpiece. This changed the way I teach Pilates forever.

Ryan Davis, Bristol, UK

There are so many different types of Pilates out there nowadays that at first I was sceptial about PilatesEVO being just another commercial system. I was wrong. This teaching comes from the heart and you feel that in all of the sessions and lessons. If you like me are looking for something new and with more meaning that will appeal to all your clients, then like me you should try PilatesEVO. The rest is history!

Kasia Sowinski, Warsaw, Poland

I was a little tired of all the dance in Pilates. I do not agree with mixing Pilates with boxing or cardio, so I was very interested when I read about PilatesEVO. The educations were very informative and gives a new perspective on Pilates for me and my clients.

Liz Somoza, New York, USA

I love the deeper connection I feel with PilatesEVO, but for me the miracle was the NLP teaching and how it has enabled me to connect with all my clients. I am busier than ever before!

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