PilatesEVO Studio

One Marina Port Vell, Barcelona

Join us in the state-of-the-art purpose built centre in One Marina Port Vell, Barcelona. This exclusive location surrounded by water and Super Yachts is inspiring, exclusive and very private.

We have a fully equipped gym that includes suspension training, and a separate Pilates Studio with Cadillac, Reformer, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel, Step Barrel, and small equipment. We hold PilatesEVO training educations, and also personal training and group sessions in both PilatesEVO and traditional Pilates practices.

The facilities include changing rooms with showers and a terrace. You can train in the heart of Barcelona in surroundings that are sure to inspire you.

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Why Barcelona?

Let us explain why the PilatesEVO School and Studio are in Barcelona

There are many reasons to love Barcelona. For us the city has everything; from the beaches in the summer for swimming and sports, to the mountains for hiking and in the winter for snowboarding, with the autumnal swell giving some great surfing days in between.

This outside lifestyle epitomises what PilatesEVO stands for; an active healthy lifestyle making the most of every day. not fitness for fitness’ sake, but fitness to enjoy life! But Barcelona has so much more, with an atmosphere of openness and tolerance. The yoga scene here is also very active as are performing arts. Pilates is growing, and we feel being here it the perfect atmosphere for students to practice, learn and enjoy life at the same time. We do not only use classrooms and studios, we use all of Barcelona to teach about the core, wellness and functional training. From stand-up-paddle sessions to learn about balance, to meditation in the evening on the beach as the sun sets; life is about experiences and most importantly for us it is about how to apply what we learn to our everyday experiences, something you cannot do in a classroom.

Welcome to the PilatesEVO Studio Barcelona. We hope to see you here soon; you will always be very welcome to pop in or stay for longer.

PilatesEVO Educations

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Our study modules

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PilatesEVO Online

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Study Your Own Way

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Pilates Carnival is a unique convention that is affordable, friendly, and where all profits go to charity.
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My Pilates Mentor

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My Pilates Mentor is a Pilates book like no other Pilates book. It will feature the views and opinions of thousands of Pilates teachers from all over the world, all bought together to give you the most concise source of information from your own worldwide group of Pilates Mentors.