Pilates Meditation Online Education


Pilates Meditation Online Education


Our Pilates Meditation Online Education is one of our most popular. It will teach you all you need to know about meditation, and how you can use it in your Pilates training as both a participant and a teacher, and also in your everyday life. Meditation and Mindfulness is more popular than ever. We have been teaching it with PilatesEVO for over 15 years.

We live in a very busy world; we are always doing something, usually many things at the same time. Our activities and our thoughts over-lap in a continuous bombardment. The mind is our most valuable resource through which we experience every single moment of our life. We rely on it to be happy, content, emotionally stable, kind, thoughtful and considerate. Also to be focused, spontaneous, creative. But most of us take no time out to look after our mind. We spend more time looking after our cars, clothes, hair.

Meditation does not have to be a spiritual thing. There are scientifically proven reasons why it can and will help you. Most people assume meditation is about controlling the mind, but this is not the case. It is about stepping back and seeing the thought and emotions clearly, witnessing them coming and going with a relaxed focused mind.

There is scientific evidence that meditation has many benefits. Some of these benefits that we will explore on this course along with their relevance to Pilates include:

  • Reducing stress,
  • Controlling anxiety,
  • Promoting emotional health,
  • Enhancing self-awareness,
  • Lengthening attention span,
  • The possible reduction of age-related memory loss,
  • The increase in positive feelings about yourself and others,
  • Helping to break dependencies,
  • Improves sleep,
  • Helps control pain,
  • It can decrease blood pressure.

Whilst some of these have obvious benefits to Pilates, others can have a more subtle benefit that you will learn about. You will also learn how to incorporate meditation into every Pilates exercise you do.

This PilatesEVO Education will not only teach you everything you need to know about meditation and how you can incorporate it into your everyday life, but also how you can use it to take your Pilates teaching or participation to a whole new level. In keeping with all our courses, you will be given a structured training program including several types of media, exercises to complete and tests to take. You will have the support of your own personal PilatesEVO teacher at all times you might need it. Our aim for all our courses is to give you a new life skill that you can not only apply to Pilates, but to your whole life.


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