PilatesEVO Foundation Education

The PilatesEVO journey begins for our teachers with the PilatesEVO Foundation Education. This education is usually two days, but it can be extended to four days for specialist training.

To be considered for the Foundation level, all candidates must have a recognisable Pilates qualification and certificate that must be produced with the application to join the course. If no Pilates qualification is held, then other relevant fitness qualifications may be considered but this is done on an individual basis. It is very important that all candidates have an in-depth knowledge of fitness and Pilates because clearly in two days it is not possible to teach the basics of Pilates.

The aim of the PilatesEVO Foundation Education is to give the candidate a basic grounding in the system that will enable them to apply their new knowledge to their own Pilates classes, and also to begin to teach specific PilatesEVO classes. It should be remembered that whilst PilatesEVO is a totally separate system in its own right, the vast majority of the subjects taught can still be applied to any Pilates class using any of the many Pilates different teaching methods.

PilatesEVO Foundation Education
The Foundation Education includes two masterclasses, theory study and practical exercises with a focus on anatomy. There is a written theory exam and a practical exam. The education is designed to teach many new things of course, but also to get candidates outside their comfort zone, as we know that this is when true learning occurs. A Study Book is provided with the following chapters:

Chapter One: Introduction
The education begins with an introduction to the PilatesEVO Mastertrainer who is leading the education, introductions from all candidates, and an introduction to the PilatesEVO system.

Chapter Two: All About Pilates
As there is no formalised single Pilates system, time is taken to understand the different Pilates methods and for candidates to explain their own personal definition of Pilates.

Chapter Three: Functional Training
The popularity of “functional training” has continued to grow and is now very fashionable. Of course, like so many other new fads, it has been around for thousands of years. It is however very misunderstood so time is taken to explain exactly what functional training is, and how it is applied to Pilates and PilatesEVO.

Chapter Four: NLP
One of the pillars of PilatesEVO is NLP. During this chapter Neuro Linguistic Programming is explained and candidates do exercises to improve their understanding of the implications of using NLP during Pilates teaching. This is as much about understanding yourself as it about understanding your clients. This chapter also includes examples of how the teacher can use NLP to make themselves a better Pilates teacher, and improve their own life, communication and understanding of themselves.

Chapter Five: Mindfulness Meditation
Another pillar of PilatesEVO. Mindfulness and meditation are becoming more and more popular in modern society as the benefits are proven by science, but still very few people practise meditation or really understand it. In this chapter all is explained, and the application of meditation within Pilates and PilatesEVO is practised.

Chapter Six: Sacred Numbers
By this time students will have noticed that we use three numbers in PilatesEVO; the numbers three, seven and 21. There is of course a very good reason for this, remember that everything in PilatesEVO means something and is there for a very good reason. The reasons and implication for using these three numbers is explained.

Chapter Seven: Mantras
Mantras are always an interesting subject. Many people have heard of them, but do not understand why they are used. There is also a stigma attached to mantras which is based on ignorance. During this chapter the use and important of mantras is explained and candidates are encouraged to lose their inhibitions! We only truly learn when we are outside our comfort zone. Remember that the PilatesEVO Foundation Education is a journey thorough one’s self as well as an education.

Chapter Eight: Meridians
Ancient meridians are becoming more popular is Eastern science and medicine after being of vital importance in Eastern medicine for thousands of years. In this chapter students will learn about meridians and how we can use them in our teaching. Candidates also learn a meridian stretch sequence that forms part of every PilatesEVO session.

Chapter Nine: Finding Balance
A fundamental teaching of PilatesEVO is that the mind and body are one and the same thing, and that to have true health and happiness we must have balance in our lives. This chapter teaches how we achieve that using PilatesEVO.

Chapter Ten: Transition Moves
A vital aspect of PilatesEVO is flow. Each set of exercises are in what we call combinations or “PilatesEVO rites”. The exercises are linked by transitional movements which candidates will learn here. These movements can be used in any Pilates class.

Chapter Eleven: Phases of PilatesEVO 
This chapter details the seven phases of a PilatesEVO session, and introduces a warm-up combination, two main combinations, and a meridian stretch combination. Candidates will learn all these combinations and will therefore have the basis of a full PilatesEVO session. All exercises and movements are studied with a deep anatomical focus and understanding.

There is a lot of information to learn in only two days, much of which may be very new ideas to many candidates. The mix of theory and practical is carefully planned to ensure that the learning process is as successful and enjoyable as possible. Candidates should expect to prepare for their course by reading the study book before they attend the course, and also be prepared to spend time studying during the evening of the course. There will also be coursework to complete after the education.

Following successful completion of the education or online course, the candidate will receive a PilatesEVO certificate and a licence for 12 months to teach PilatesEVO. They also receive direct support from their PilatesEVO Mastertrainer and from the team at PilatesEVO. The Foundation Education also includes a free PilatesEVO music soundtrack that is exclusively mixed and produced for us. You will also receive personalised PilatesEVO marketing material and support.

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