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PilatesEVO School

Your education centre for PilatesEVO resources and information

PilatesEVO School is your source for information about PilatesEVO, and how you can study to become a PilatesEVO teacher.

On this page you will also find details about our educations around the world, and all the PilatesEVO events. You can also have a personalised PilatesEVO education online, or at our school in Barcelona by contacting the PilatesEVO Team.

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    You can join us at the PilatesEVO School and Studio in Barcelona at any time of the year for an education or retreat.

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    PilatesEVO Upcoming Educations

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    For information about our PilatesEVO educations and to book your place please CONTACT US.

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    Dear Pilates colleague, I hope that you and all your loved ones are safe and well. In these desperate times it has been great to see that

    Are you a Pilates grunter?

    In a week dominated by “that” Puppy Pilates video (has the world really gone that mad?) I noticed another news story about celeb Kate Hudson and the fact

    PilatesEVO Studio Barcelona

    Welcome to the new PilatesEVO Studio Barcelona and the PilatesEVO School at OneOcean Marina Port Vell in Barcelona. If you haven’t already heard, PilatesEVO is the system designed

    Pilates helps people suffering from MS

    The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada with input from both experts and patients, has developed a “wellness toolbox” with strategies to help multiple sclerosis (MS) patients cope with their disease. It

    “The body and the mind are one and the same thing, and we must teach them and train them as such”
    PilatesEVO Quotes
    “The past is dead, the future is imagined. All we have is the Now.”
    PilatesEVO Quotes
    “Life is always evolving and changing. If we can embrace that change, then we too can change and move forwards.”
    PilatesEVO Quotes
    “We can never be true to anyone else if we cannot be true to ourselves.”
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