The connection between PilatesEVO and NLP is a very important part of the PilatesEVO system.

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy. There is a connection between the neurological processes, language, and behavioral patterns that have been learned through experience and can be organized to achieve specific goals in life.

NLP was created by Richard Bandler, a mathematics student, and John Grinder, a linguistics professor at the University of California in 1972. Since then other people have added their own techniques and ideas, and NLP has grown globally, but PilatesEVO is the first Pilates system that uses NLP as the foundation for learning and teaching.

The name NLP is quite self-explanatory:

Neuro or neurology is to do with the study of the nervous system and of the mind. It’s all about how we think and also about our physiology.

Linguistics is all about the study of language and how we use it and its effects on us and others.

Programming is about the sequence of actions that we take and the order we take them. Why we do and think the way we do, and how we get ourselves out of bed and motivated to do the things we want to do.

So in NLP we try to put together all these areas in a system that can help people to get a new perspective on their life, make them better communicators and use other successful models of behaviour to achieve more. This clearly can help people change their own life for the better, but crucially for us as Pilates and fitness professionals, it will also help to bring about big changes in how we communicate and engage with other people.


PilatesEVO and NLP: Why do we use NLP?

PilatesEVO NLP Brain

There are 7 main reasons why we use NLP in PilatesEVO:

1) It will make your client understand Pilates movements more easily
2) It will give your client more enjoyment in your classes
3) It will enable your client to get more benefit from their Pilates classes
4) It will enable you to become the best teacher that you can, and deliver information more effectively
5) It will enable you to understand your client’s needs and requirements
6) It will enable you to engage with all your clients including in groups
7) It will help you in your everyday life to understand yourself and achieve the things you want to achieve.



All of the above points will help to keep you existing clients, and help you to get new clients.

A really important aspect of PilatesEVO and NLP are representational systems. This is a simple thing to determine but is incredibly powerful and will help you understand yourself and your clients. This is priceless because not only will you become a better teacher, you will also be able to connect with your clients more which will mean better results for them.

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