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PilatesEVO Online School

Your education centre for PilatesEVO resources and information

PilatesEVO School is your source for information about PilatesEVO, and how you can study our different educations.

On this page you will also find details about our educations around the world, and all the PilatesEVO events. Please note that currently all our international events have of course been postponed due to COVID-19.

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    PilatesEVO Educations and Specialist Training Modules Online

    The PilatesEVO Online School makes it possible to learn and study PilatesEVO from anywhere in the world, in the comfort of your own home or studio, at a time that suits you and your lifestyle. Study where you want to and when you want to via our online school

    PilatesEVO Foundation Education

    Pilates & NLP Education

    PilatesEVO Foundation Education

    Pilates and Meditation Education

    PilatesEVO Foundation Education

    Foundation Education

    PilatesEVO Advanced Education

    Advanced Education

    PilatesEVO Tactility Module


    PilatesEVO Personal Training Module

    Personal Training Module

    PilatesEVO Sports Module


    PilatesEVO Pregnancy Module


    PilatesEVO Rehabilitation Module


    PilatesEVO Forever Young Module

    Forever Young

    PilatesEVO Opulent Module


    PilatesEVO Marketing Workshop


    We can help your knowledge to grow and keep growing. We should all never stop learning

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