The PilatesEVO School Barcelona is the home of PilatesEVO. The creator of PilatesEVO, Chris Hunt, was born in London, England. But his heart was always in Barcelona, so he established the PilatesEVO School Barcelona in this beautiful city.

It really is the ideal location because it is a City that everyone loves so much, and it is ideal for PilatesEVO because the climate and wonderful locations for practising Pilates outside in nature; from the parks to the beach, and also the forests and montains.

The PilatesEVO School Barcelona is truly the ideal place to study and experience PilatesEVO, and at the same time enjoy all the wonderful things that the city of Barcelona can offer. It would be crazy to come to study in Barcelona and not have time to see the famous architecture, experience the culture and taste the food!

At the PilatesEVO School Barcelona we teach all the PilatesEVO education levels and all the PilatesEVO Specialist Modules. We also have masterclasses and workshops.

The school is open all year, and you can enroll on a course most weeks in the year. You can also organise a private education for you, for a small group of people, or for your gym or health club.

PilatesEVO School Barcelona

Different PilatesEVO Mastertrainers lead the educations, and Chris Hunt himself also participates if he is in Barcelona. As Chris says; “there is nothing I like more than meeting new PilatesEVO teachers, and being a part of their initial or advanced training. For me this the essense of PilatesEVO, to meet new people and understand their ideas and influences.”


As well as studying in our classroom, many of the sessions take place outside in beautiful locations around the city. We also use a private villa close to Barcelona to organise special PilatesEVO Retreats. The villa has a private pool. We offer accommodation in central Barcelona at our school, and the package can include all meals that are prepared by the PilatesEVO Head Chef. All food is locally sourced and very healthy. We also organise trips and excursions, as well as nights out to see the city. There is also time for the beach and for shopping!

The whole experince of studying at the PilatesEVO School Barcelona is simply the best way to learn the system. For more information please contact the PilatesEVO team and we can talk more about your training in Barcelona.