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PilatesEVO School is your source for information about PilatesEVO, and how you can study to become a PilatesEVO teacher.

On this page you will also find details about our next educations around the world, and all the PilatesEVO events. You can also have a personalised PilatesEVO education online, or at our school in Barcelona by contacting the PilatesEVO Team.

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Learn about the three levels of PilatesEVO qualifications; Foundation, Advanced and Mastertrainer. Also learn about the PilatesEVO specialist modules.

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You can join us at the PilatesEVO School and Studio in Barcelona at any time of the year for an education or retreat.

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Work at your own speed from home by studying to become a PilatesEVO teacher online. You can also have private Skype/FaceTime sessions with PilatesEVO Mastertrainers. Visit the PilatesEVO Online School

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PilatesEVO Upcoming Educations

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For information about our PilatesEVO educations and to book your place please CONTACT US.

PilatesEVO School Information Centre

Below are some frequently asked questions about becoming a PilatesEVO teacher

You have three choices: attend one of our educations, do an online course, or visit our school in Barcelona.
Currently you can study PilatesEVO in English, Russian, Spanish and Portugese. We are adding new languages all the time.
Yes, this can be possible. Please contact us and we can talk about the possibilites of working with you.
There are so many different Pilates schools and systems it’s true. What sets PilatesEVO apart is what we include in the system, how we teach the system, and how our teachers can influence the system. This is what makes us unique.
Our retreats are for teachers and non-teachers alike. This is usually two days either based in a top hotel in Barcelona or in a private villa with a pool and includes lots of PilatesEVO, healthy walks, meditations and other activities including massage. There is also time to relax. All food is provided, as are transfers.
The PilatesEVO online course typically takes three months to complete. Extensions are possible depending on circumstances. Our team will work with you to make sure you are happy with the studying.
Yes, this is possible. Please contact us on evolve@pilatesevo and we will send you more information.
Our online course includes the same study materials you get on our educations around the world. Online you get one-to-one support from a PilatesEVO Mastertrainer, videos, live skype/FaceTime sessions, and your final exam is usually live online with Chris Hunt, the creator of PilatesEVO. It usually takes about three months or part-time study to complete the course.
Yes you do. Our educations are typically two days, so we do not have enough time to teach you about the basics of Pilates or fitness. Ideally you will be a fully qualified Pilates teacher. We can consider your application if you are a qualified yoga or a fitness teacher, but such applications are considered individually.
Yes it is! We give all students one soundtrack everytime they do an education. There are also additional soundtracks and guided meditations to buy in the PilatesEVO shop.
Absolutely you can. Whilst PilatesEVO is a system in its own right, nearly everything you learn you can use and apply to any other Pilates session.
Yes, all successful students are given a PilatesEVO Certificate when they complete an education or one of the PilatesEVO Modules.
You will find on this page details of the next PilatesEVO educations around the world. Remember that you can study online with us anytime, and you can also visit our school in Barcelona.
Yes for sure. There is no better place to learn PilatesEVO than in the amazing city of Barcelona where you will be taught on the beach, in the park as well as in school. This is a great opportunity to become a PilatesEVO teacher and also enjoy an amazing holiday at the same time. We can organise everything for you including accommodation and food. All you need to do is book your own flights. Contact us for more information on evolve@pilatesevo.com.
PilatesEVO Modules are stand-alone educations that usually take one day. They teach specific specialist techniques. They can be used by any Pilates teachers to enhance their knoweldge. You can find more details by clicking HERE.
During the past several years, PilatesEVO has taken place in many countries including the UK, Brazil, Russia, Greece, Germany, Spain, Latvia, Serbia, Poland, Belarus, Australia and this year we are launching in the US with educations in Miami, Florida.
PilatesEVO teachers can buy a range of jewellery that is hand made for us from semi-precious stones. All items are totally unique, and feature the PilatesEVO numbers of three, seven and 21.
Yes, Chris is usually involved in the Advanced Training and always in the Mastertrainer program. Sometimes he will also take some of the Foundation Educations too. His philosophy is that PilatesEVO is a family, so he wants to meet all the members of the family.

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