The PilatesEVO Mastertrainer Program is where things get even more exciting. Once you have finished the program, you:

  • Have the ability to organise your own PilatesEVO educations,
  • Can travel to teach at conventions,
  • Get a personalised PilatesEVO website and code for the PilatesEVO shop giving you a discount and the chance to earn commission on sales you make,
  • Receive a PilatesEVO email address:
  • Receive a PilatesEVO website:

To participate in the PilatesEVO Mastertrainer Program you must first be invited by your Mastertrainer, or by Chris Hunt, the creator of PilatesEVO. Only a few people can become PilatesEVO Mastertrainers so it is an honour to be selected.


This program concentrates on you as a teacher. There is a big difference between training clients and training other teachers. You need a deeper level of knowledge and the confidence and skills to take that step. The training also teaches how to organise and teach a PilatesEVO education, all the information and knowledge you will need. You also get training about promoting PilatesEVO within your territory.

The Mastertraining is typically done on a one-to-one basis or in a small group of up to three people. The program always involves Chris Hunt, the creator of PilatesEVO.

As a Mastertrainer you will have direct contact with all the other Mastertrainers and with Chris.

To read more about all the PilatesEVO Educations and Modules please click on the links below. To organise your online training or for more information please CONTACT the PilatesEVO Team.

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