This article will breifly explain the PilatesEVO Qualification Levels.

PilatesEVO has three levels of qualification; Foundation, Advanced and Mastertrainer. Each of these educations is designed to take the student on a journey of learning and discovery. Each education is typically two days. They all require some preparation work before the education, and course work that must be completed after the education. We also have PilatesEVO Modules which are one-day stand-alone courses teaching specialist topics. All educations and modules can be studied online. Please visit the PilatesEVO School for more information.

There are many benefits to the teacher as the educations aim not only to teach new disciplines and ideas, but to also give the teachers new skills that they can use whilst teaching and also in all aspects of their lives.

Other benefits include:

  • Official PilatesEVO Certification
  • A PilatesEVO Study Book
  • Free soundtracks
  • A 12-month license to teach PilatesEVO
  • Support from the PilatesEVO team
  • Personalised marketing materials
  • A personalised PilatesEVO website
  • A PilatesEVO email address
  • Free PilatesEVO clothing
  • A free annual PilatesEVO Update training day
  • The ability to organise your own PilatesEVO educations
  • Invitations to teach PilatesEVO at conventions all over the world
  • Potential to earn commission on items your contacts/students spend in the PilatesEVO shop.

The PilatesEVO Foundation Education is the introduction to the PilatesEVO system and family. You will be taught by a PilatesEVO Mastertrainer who will become your mentor. After this education and the subsequent coursework, you will have a certificate and license to teach PilatesEVO. Read more about the Foundation Education by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

The PilatesEVO Advanced Education is the next step where you go deeper into the philosophy and science of the PilatesEVO system. You will get a certificate and license to teach PilatesEVO, and you will also get additional benefits. Read more about the Advanced Education by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

The PilatesEVO Mastertrainer program is the ultimate step. To gain access to this level you must be invited by your PilatesEVO Mastertrainer or by Chris Hunt, the creator of PilatesEVO. After you have completed this program, you will get the ability to organise and run your own PilatesEVO educations. You will also receive your own PilatesEVO website ( and email address ( and invitations to teach at conventions all over the world. To read more about the PilatesEVO Mastertrainer Program by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

The PilatesEVO Modules deal with specialist topics and are typically one day educations or you can study online. The current topics are:

  • PilatesEVO Tactility© – Learn how and where to touch clients to maximise their learning experience
  • PilatesEVO Personal Training© – How to teach one-to-one sessions to get the best results for your clients
  • PilatesEVO Sport© – How to apply techniques to professional and amateur sportsmen and woman.
  • PilatesEVO Pregnancy© – How to teach all stages of pregnancy, and pre/post-natal clients.
  • PilatesEVO Rehabilitation© – Specific techniques for clients rehabilitating from illness and injury
  • PilatesEVO Forever Young© – Populations are aging, so this module deals with clients over the age of 60.
  • PilatesEVO Opulent© – Techniques to train clients who are over-weight.

All modules are available online, and they can all be applied to any school or type of Pilates teaching.

To read more about all the PilatesEVO Educations and Modules please click on the links below. To organise your online training or for more information please CONTACT the PilatesEVO.

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